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Meet The Team

We are a dedicated team which strives to provide success to our clients in regards to all their accountancy needs. Our team is very close-knit and ensures that a unified support is provided to you whenever you need it. With expertise covering all aspects of accountancy, taxation and business advisory services, we are well placed to take a holistic view to planning for the future as well dealing with specific matters.

Alison Hunter FCCA

Fan of rugby and wine but not always in that order. Taxi to the kids and CEO of the bank of Mum and Dad. Would love to make time to go to the gym but you know how it is…..

Katherine Harrison

Half senior accounts assistant, half full time mum to two teenagers, half disco queen.

Katherine is the longest serving employee of A Hunter and Co having been here since the 17th century, who attributes her flair for figures on her ability to count her vast collection of shoes.

When you can produce spreadsheets with accurate records of Prada and Jimmy Choo then accountancy is a walk in the park!

Amy Tucknott

Amy really enjoys running half marathons (although due to her short legs she ends up running twice as far as everyone else). She likes to keep up to date with current affairs especially those taking place on Ramsay Street and in the quiet Chester village of Hollyoaks. All of her friends call her weird but she likes to think of herself as a special limited edition geek.

Chris Neal

Athlete, Adonis, philosopher, student and father.

As a family man, his “content” outlook on life is beginning to drag his head from the clouds and his hips toward the horizons.

He loves to stop and reflect, on ALL things!

Some of which is laziness, the rest, simply untapped Guinness… sorry Genius!

Kerry Graham

Our Payroll Guru

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